Dossier “Human Rights Integration: theorizing the multi-layered nature of human rights law”

In June 2014, the first two papers of this dossier have been published; the other batch (papers of Barbara Oomen and Eva Brems) will be published in the next issue of the journal.

The dossier in EJHR 2014/03 thus comprises:

• Introduction : Theorizing the multi-layered nature of human rights law / Introduction : Théoriser la nature « multi‐strates » du droit des droits de l’homme - Eva Brems and Ellen Desmet

• Human rights in network / Les droits de l’homme en réseau - Antoine Bailleux

• Hierarchy, Coordination, or Conflict ? Global Law Theories and the Question of Human Rights / Integration Hiérarchie, coordination ou conflit ? Les théories du droit global et la question de l’intégration des droits de l’homme - Moritz Baumgärtel, Dorothea Staes and Francisco Javier Mena Parras

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