Dr. Esther van den Berg


Dr. Esther van den Berg is political scientist and post-doc researcher Human Rights and the City at University College Roosevelt of Utrecht University. The research project is initiated by Professor Barbara Oomen, and aims to investigate which cities opt for reference to (specific) human rights in their social policies and why. Furthermore, it aims to determine the potential and the pitfalls in referring to human rights as a basis for urban policies. Esther is particularly interested in socio-scientific aspects of human rights and the meaning of human rights in local settings.

One of the case studies on legal pluralism and human rights in WP 1 is the rise of human rights cities. As a researcher on this theme Esther van den Berg will bring in information on human rights cities in the Netherlands and in comparative contexts.


Dr. Esther van den Berg

University College Roosevelt, Universiteit Utrecht

P.O. Box 94
4330 AB Middelburg, Netherlands