Dr. Maheshwar Singh


Dr. Maheshwar Singh is an Associate Professor of political and legal theory at National Law University, Delhi. He teaches political and legal theory both at undergraduate and post-graduate level. Dr. Singh teaches approaches to justice, development-induced displacement and human rights issues for tribal people in India, refugee and humanitarian law as well as disability and law at the post-graduate level. His research areas include law and tribes in India, politics of human rights and disability and human rights. Dr. Singh also heads the Centre for Disability and Law at National Law University, Delhi.

Dr. Singh is coordinating the research on water rights for the marginalized and poor in the National Capital region of Delhi within the framework of WP2 of the IAP “The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a Users Perspective”


Dr. Maheshwar Singh

National Law University Delhi

Sector-14, Dwarka
110078 New Delhi, India