Dr. Tine Destrooper


Tine Destrooper is a post-doctoral researcher in the Law and Development Research Group at the Law Faculty, where she conducts an analysis of UNICEF’s human rights based approach in the DRC. She is also affiliated to the Department of Political Science (ACIM) as a guest professor in the field of multilevel governance and political institutions. Her main research interests include gender rights, social mobilization, the localization of human rights, and the role of international organizations regarding these issues.

Tine Destrooper performs a case study on UNICEF's ‘Sanitised villages’ in the DRC, whereby she conducts an analysis of the human rights based approach of UNICEF and of the agreement between UNICEF and the DRC on this project, thereby also considering DRCs constitutional provisions relevant to the project. This is part of Work Package 2 in this project.


Dr. Tine Destrooper

Law and Development Research Group, Universiteit Antwerpen

Venusstraat 23
2000 Antwerp, Belgium