Germain Koukolo Koukolo


Germain Koukolo Koukolo is a Professional Teacher for Teacher’s Training schools, appointed Technical Adviser N°1 of the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform in Cameroon. He is also a doctoral external candidate at the University College Roosevelt/Utrecht University – the Netherlands. His research focuses on human rights, in particular those of vulnerable persons.

Germain Koukolo Koukolo is performing a study on the implementation of international rules related to vulnerable persons in the Cameroonian context. The idea is to evaluate how far the concept of universality of human rights, claimed by international instruments, is applicable as regards the rights of some categories of persons, especially children, women, disabled and elderly persons. His research has close links with WP6.


Germain Koukolo Koukolo

Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform/ Republic of Cameroon and University College Roosevelt, Utrecht University

P.O. box 94
4330 AB Middelburg, Netherlands