Prof. Barbara Oomen


Prof. B. Oomen holds a chair in the Sociology of Rights at Utrecht University, and is the Dean of the University College Roosevelt – an UU Liberal Arts and Sciences college in Middelburg. Her research interests and teaching experience are in the field of legal pluralism, human rights and cultural diversity. She is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Netherlands Human Rights Institute.

Barbara Oomen will contribute to WP 1, on human rights and legal pluralism. She will write a theoretical position paper connecting insights from the socio-scientific field of legal pluralism to research on the implementation of human rights. The cases to be discussed in the context of this research will be the rise of human rights cities throughout Europe, and perspectives ‘ from below’ on the ECHR.


Prof. Barbara Oomen

University College Roosevelt, Universiteit Utrecht

P.O. Box 94
4330 AB Middelburg, Netherlands