Prof. Isabelle Rorive


Professor Isabelle Rorive is full professor at the Law Faculty of the ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles) and Director of the Centre Perelman for Legal Philosophy. She teaches Comparative Law (in English), Anti-discrimination Law (in French) and Legal Method (in French). In the field of comparative human rights law, she is particularly interested in issues relating to the migration of legal concepts, the influence of legal cultures on legal reasoning as well as in dealing with diversity and religion.

Professor Rorive is, with professor Bribosia, the ULB promoter of the IAP “The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a Users’ Perspective”. Together with the team of the Centre Perelman, she is in charge of producing a concept paper within WP1 on “Theoretical models supporting human rights integration”. She is also the co-promoter of the PhD research on “Human rights trajectories of foreigners in Europe in a migratory context” (WP2) and of the PhD research on “Methods and procedures of bridge-building: case study of the European Court of Human Rights” (WP3).


Prof. Isabelle Rorive

Centre Perelman for Legal Philosophy, Université Libre de Bruxelles

50, avenue Fr. Roosevelet (CP 132)
1050 Brussels, Belgium