Prof. Yves Haeck


Yves Haeck is a Professor at the Human Rights Centre and the Department of Constitutional Law of Ghent University, where he teaches ‘International Human Rights’ (in Dutch), ‘Human Rights in Developing Countries’ and ‘International Moot Court Human Rights’ (in English). The research of Professor Haeck and his team is focused on topics in international human rights law as well as comparative human rights law. He is particularly interested in issues relating to the functioning of regional human rights systems.

Professor Yves Haeck is a Partner in the IAP “The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a Users’ Perspective”. He is the promoter of the PhD research on ‘Optimizing access to international human rights mechanisms’ (WP 5).


Prof. Yves Haeck

Human Rights Centre, Universiteit Gent

Universiteitstraat 4
9000 Ghent, Belgium