Valeska David


Valeska David is Doctoral researcher at the Human Rights Centre of Ghent University. She holds a Law degree from University of Chile and an LL.M in International Human Rights Law and Criminal Justice from Utrecht University. Her research analyses the possibilities for accommodation of counter-hegemonic claims within human rights law. Starting from the critiques to the liberalism embedded in universal human rights law, her research focuses on its alleged emphasis on the autonomous individual, the contract and the market. Arguably, this has led human rights law being detached from issues of distributive justice while constrained by a market-orientation reading of rights. Valeska examines the extent to which claims challenging that paradigm are accommodated within the practice of universal and regional human rights monitoring bodies and how the possibilities for such accommodation relate to identity or cultural claims.

Her main areas of interests are: integration of and divergence in human rights standards; cultural diversity and protection of non-dominant groups; poverty and social rights; equality and non-discrimination; regional and universal adjudication of human rights norms.

Valeska David works under the supervision of Prof. Eva Brems within the work package 6 of the IAP project: “Divergence and Coherence in Human Rights Law”.


Valeska David

Human Rights Centre, Universiteit Gent

Universiteitstraat 4
9000 Ghent, Belgium