Track 1 – Theorizing fragmentation and integration in human rights law


This track focuses on theoretical and conceptual papers

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre…Things falls apart, the centre cannot hold”, as the famous poet Yeats wrote. The expansion of the human rights catalogue, the increased mobilization of human rights and the strengthening of human rights monitoring have also engendered resistance and the rise of alternative discourses. This is all the more apparent in today’s polarizing world, in which religion, nationalism and other ideologies potentially compete with the notion of universal human rights. The track invites theoretical reflections on the twin processes of fragmentation and integration of human rights law in today’s world. To what extent do theories of (global) legal pluralism, and related theories like vernacularization, adequately capture and theorize these processes? How do fragmentation and integration impact upon the legitimacy and sustainability of the international human rights project?

Track leader: prof. Barbara Oomen (Utrecht University):

Track 2 – Convergence and divergence within international human rights law
Track 3 – Convergence and divergence between national and international human rights law
Track 4 – Convergence and divergence between international human rights law and other branches of international law
Track 5 – Human rights are useless/useful

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