Track 5 – Human rights are useless/useful


This track focuses on concrete mobilisations of human rights law

This track includes papers on the use of human rights by individuals, groups or entities, with a particular emphasis on the trajectories of rights holders as claimants. Why and how do individuals and groups, both in the Global South and the Global North, decide to invoke human rights? What are strategies employed, obstacles encountered, and impact perceived? Do human rights as globally defined offer real protection at the local level? 

Track leader: prof. Koen De Feyter (UAntwerpen):

Track 1 – Theorizing fragmentation and integration in human rights law
Track 2 – Convergence and divergence within international human rights law
Track 3 – Convergence and divergence between national and international human rights law
Track 4 – Convergence and divergence between international human rights law and other branches of international law

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