WP4. Maximisation of added value of human rights texts/mechanisms: Do we need a national Bill of Rights? (USL-B)

  1. Project 

    Work package 4 will zoom in on the status and functions of one source within the multilayered human rights protection system, i.e. national bills of rights. Situating this single source within the context of human rights law as a whole, the central question will be how to optimize its added value for users. For several years, the promotion of an integrated approach towards fragmented human rights law has notably taken the shape of a reflection as regards the modernisation of the national constitutional catalogue of protection of fundamental rights and freedoms. The idea would be to transform this catalogue into an ‘interface’ or a ‘synthesis’ integrating and organising the contributions of different layers of human rights law. Mobilizing the resources of legal theory, comparative law, political science and legal sociology, the research will critically examine the feasibility of such a project.