WP5. Optimizing access to international human rights mechanisms (UGent)

  1. Team 

    Promoter: Prof. Yves Haeck
    Research: Valeska David (from 1 Oct. 2013 till 31 July 2014); Eline Kindt (from 1 Sept. 2014)


    Work package 5 will examine the procedural dimensions of human rights integration, with a focus on international complaint procedures. While monitoring bodies such as the European Court of Human Rights and the Inter-American Commission and Court on Human Rights are confronted with mounting or even huge amounts of incoming petitions, individual petitioners and in particular members of vulnerable groups still experience practical and legal obstacles hindering them to effectively pursue cases of alleged human rights violations. The research will formulate clear-cut and substantiated proposals reconciling optimal access with the need of procedural efficiency and an efficient management of incoming cases. Particular attention will be paid to examining to what extent solutions and strategies developed within one system (also beyond the regional mechanisms) may benefit another.